ARP is registered as a 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to building capacity and enhancing the skills of individuals who are disadvantaged. and need a chance to break the legacies of poverty, disease and hunger.


The Lift-Up Initiative: New African Immigrant Support Group (newly arriving African immigrants and other immigrant communities)

ARP is dedicated to lifting up newly arriving immigrants across Delaware and Philadelphia counties by providing them a support group of volunteers who are passionate about helping their newly arriving brothers and sisters quickly adopt and assimilate into their local communities. ARP provides access to information on available social services, gives support and completes paperwork for newly arriving immigrants who need immigration services, and works with them on career and job readiness activities, ESL classes, job hunting, resume writing, interview tips, financial management tips, at the ESG’s Digital Learning Center.


STEM4AFRICA Initiative

ARP believes that Africa’s greatest potential is a move into science and technology as a driver for prosperity. ARP’s STEM4AFRICA intends to position Africa as an emerging powerhouse of science and technology by providing merit-based (Slum2Scholar) scholarships to top tier performing students in science and math from the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade levels before they are enrolled into ARP’s STEM College Academy. ARP hopes to build two (2) STEM College Academies in the next five (5) years across two regions of Africa – West Africa (Liberia) and East Africa (Kenya).

The Mandela-Obama Africa Study Abroad Program

The Mandela-Obama Africa Study Abroad Program is a cultural excursion and foreign African learning experience that affords U.S.-based students a chance to spend a semester studying abroad in a designated African country with credit for courses taken at a selected university. Courses may be in line with student’s major, minor, or elective; or a general education credit points for experimental learning, such as, a course in “doing business in host country”, or “understanding the culture and language of the people of host country”.

ARP will enter into partnership with universities that are interested in using its study abroad service to travel to Africa. Some of the benefits of our study abroad program includes, but not limited to the following:

•  Students will have the chance to learn about and connect with new culture and language, and broaden their horizon.
•  Students will meet local citizens in host country from various ethnic and tribal backgrounds, showing the beauty of Africa’s diversity within a single country.
•  Students will gain new perspective about host country’s ecosystems, economy, and sociopolitical and daily life of the locals.
•  Students will experience in-person classroom learning in host country – teaching methodology, structure, and interactive learning.

Summary of core focus:

•  Semester-long college courses at a designated foreign African university. Emphasis: Studying at a foreign African university.
•  Optional work program that allows voluntary work experience with a business or nonprofit that will help student advance their career goals. Emphasis: Voluntary work experience.


EnterpreneurRISE is a seed capital fund program for start-up businesses and small-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Africa under three (3) years of business operations. The Entrepreneur-RISE platform is based on the premise of competitive business ideas and solid business plan that will be submitted to ARP in which 10 new ideas will be awarded a seed investment fund each year. ARP will raise $250,000 annually through annual Entrepreneur-RISE Africa banquet, corporate sponsorships, and friendly individual seed investors.

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Africa Peace Dialogue

The APD is an annual event to brings together African scholars, national leaders, and youth from Africa to join with the African Diaspora and the Black community in charting solutions for lasting and sustainable peace in Africa. The inaugural session of the APD is expected to take place in 2023.

African Rising Project


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